Just For James

Writing a novel is easy. Well, you know, it’s relatively easy. Relative to, flapping your arms and attaining lift off. Relative to getting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth out of a politician. Relative to getting my son to try new food.

The hard part is getting other people to read it. And the hard part of that is getting them to notice in the first place. So, like all indie writers, I have to do marketing. This blog is a part of that, which goes to show just how sadly lacking my marketing skills are. But I continue to try, hoping that that one little thing I do will make all the difference and send me on the way to fame and fortune. One day, James Cameron is going to drop by my blog and read about ‘The Brightest Light’ and realise that it would make a fabulous movie. (I really think it would, action set pieces– plane chases, car chases, flying island chases [okay, that bit might not have you on the edge of your seat, but it would certainly look good on film] gunfights, robberies, adventure, romance, comedy.)

With that in mind, in case James doesn’t actually visit my blog, I try to get reviews and articles and mentions on other blogs, for when he stops by there.

So, today, I have an article about the ideas for ‘The Brightest Light’ over at Randomize Me. Go and check it out. Comment so the blogger keeps doing similar stuff for other writers. Buy the book, if it sounds interesting. And then you blog about it too. You know, just in case James drops by.


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