Decisions in the Void

A Different Kind of Heaven is proofed. I need to do some reformatting on the first 3 books but my wife is using the other computer (which I would need). I have a short story sitting on my hard drive that I probably need to send off to some beta readers– but I generally just lurk on the web list of my old writing group so I feel a bit guilty asking for assistance. I want to organise some new covers, ones that could hopefully be used on POD versions of my books, but I really don’t want to pay for anything (especially since I’ll need 4 f I’m to do the series) and any half arsed effort I do would need to be done on the other computer… Yes, that same other computer.

So, I’m kinda sitting around wondering what to do.

I’ve been getting ideas for my next-next work (the next one is well on the way already) and I’m liking it more and more by the day. Dwarves, gods, steampunk, demons. It’s all building nicely– but I don’t want to get too involved in case I, once again, put of the next story (which may lead to divorce this time).

Okay, I have to decide. I have to do something. There’s only so many news articles I can read on the net. At the moment I’m following links to ever more obscure and ever more crazy stories. I can feel myself spiraling down into some type of weird rabbit hole.


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