The Greatest Ever Writing Tool to Increase Productivity

I just thought I come on and talk about one of the tools that dramatically increases my output when I’m writing.

Are you ready for it.

Here it is…

One of those soft, squishy stress balls.

That’s it. A soft squishy stress ball increases my writing output. How, you ask? Well, I put it beside my computer (when I think of it) and whenever I stop writing because I’m stuck, whenever I pause to give a plot point or some dialog some thought, I pick the ball up and… well, play with it. Knead it. Throw it. Roll it. Whatever. Anything that actually stops me from getting up and getting some chocolate out of the fridge. Or opening up the internet. Or just checking to see what’s on TV for a minute. Or seeing what the kids are up to. Or… Anyway, you get the picture.

The ball keeps my butt in the seat but isn’t so much fun that it distracts me from the writing or from thinking about writing. It just distracts me from everything else.

It works. If you are like me and need to be doing something while you think, then make sure the thing you do doesn’t  take you away from your work.

Does anyone else have any useful writing tools?


10 thoughts on “The Greatest Ever Writing Tool to Increase Productivity

  1. I put on a plalist of my favourite songs. I can’t actually leave until I have listened to them all.
    Also I dare anyone to walk away from Greig’s Hall Of The Mountain King played by Apocalyptica.
    But I will have to try this stress ball theory of yours.

    • I love Apocalypitca– well, the two pieces I have by them (Nothing Else Matters is one of them). I can only listen to classical while I’m writing and most of our cd’s (especially the classical) are packed away. I’ve never found that music is enough to keep me in the seat anyway. Or if it is, I spend to much time thinking about the music.

      • That is the beauty of burning all your cd’s onto computer. No need to mess around looking for that song you like from that album you kind of like.
        I keep my violin close at hand, get stuck writing, play a tune and then back to writing. My horrible violin skills making me go back.

      • I’m still an album man. I do have an ipod, but it isn’t something I use at home– it might if I get a proper dock, I suppose…I do have all the ipod songs on computer, obviously, but only because I have to.

        Maybe I should keep my guitar close by though the frustration may stop me from doing anything at all.

  2. Scott , what a great idea, good for your hands too, I actually get sore feet when sitting too long, so use tennis ball to roll my feet over and helps with circulation, otherwise I’d have to get up and walk around. So there you have it 2 balls and your done!

    • Never thought of doing something with my feet (though I think my wife had a rolling foot massager thing somewhere). I normally get up for a walk around to relieve my back and legs (stress ball or not)

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