Review- Days of Iron

My second review, and before I’ve even written I’ve decided that I’m not very good at this, but anyway, here goes.

Days of Iron by Russel Proctor is set in a sci-fi future where two extra human races have been genetically engineered to fill some needs. The helots are slaves and the sirians who live in the harsh conditions of the Sirus star system. The Sapes, homo sapians, are in charge, though some are more in charge than others.

So, some of the helots don’t like being slaves, as you would expect and set about fixing the situation.  Throw in a sirian and a sape and you have what could be  micorcosm of the greater universe.

Except nothing is really made of that. They are just three characters who, for me, didn’t really represent the three races.

The story itself is good. The writing is good. The action keeps coming. But for me, the characters were a bit lacking. Their motivations seemed unsure. Their growth sporadic. But they did have motivations and growth, so even that isn’t all bad.

Overall, Days of Iron was a good read and certainly worth the $2.99 I paid for the kindle version. Give it a shot. 4 Stars


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