The Writing Loom (or, Who was that character anyway?)

When I was writing and editing The Space Between, one of the things I was really conscious of was weaving the threads together. Scree and Ping were originally involved in the first book so that was another thread I was trying to juggle as well.

It was always a problem. Do you switch between characters fairly regularly so you keep all the characters involved? Or do you stick with one for a while to let the reader get to know them a bit better?

Well, it’s bloody hard to get the balance right. The book was rejected by two publishers (well more than that, but only 2 are relevant to my story) before I decided to self publish. The first one was worried about the long breaks between characters chapter. So I shifted things around. And, yes, the next one wanted the opposite. Or maybe it was the other way around. I’m not sure, but you get the point. So, obviously the thing is to find that bit right in the middle.

One of the recent reviews (I can’t seem to find it now) of The Space Between made mention of the long period we stayed with Tuki after he was first introduced. It was something like eight chapters. So, yes, you got to know him well, but forgot the names of the other character.

After reading the review I had another go at rearranging the chapters. I’m not sure if it fixed the problem. Or maybe I over did it. Either way, that new version has now been uploaded to Amazon. I haven’t had any reviews since then so I’m not sure of the verdict. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve sold any copies since then.

Oh well.

Book 4, A Different Kind of Heaven, is moving along. I’ve nearly finished the second of the three threads. Then all I have to do is work out how to weave them all together. Damn. But that’s for another day. For now, it’s just writing.


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