Go With the Flow

A Different Kind of Heaven is moving along nicely now. There were a couple of days recently where I did 2500 and 3000 words which allowed me to finish one of the three threads completely. This was the thread involving Meledrin and Tuki and the all important contracts (if you’ve read When the Time Comes you’ll know what I mean.) So I was feeling great.

But now, I’m working on another thread so it’s almost like starting a new story. And this story is more complicated than the last one, because I now have to give thought to how the two stories intertwine. It doesn’t happen often, but often enough that I have to pause every now and then and think… Well, I have to have this scene taking place at this time because I need it to be over before Meledrin gets in contact with the Hakahei


But of course, that makes it more fun as well. And keeps it feeling like one story, instead of just having characters wandering around doing their own thing and not influencing others at all.

And it is also very exciting because the story is drawing towards a conclusion, finally. The ending is already written– it was written years ago when the series was originally only two books– and I love the way the final confrontation works. So I can’t wait to link what I have now with that ending.

It won’t be long now. 20k words, maybe. Probably less. I just have to increase the action. Then increase it some more.

I’m itching to write all the time now so I’ve got to go with the flow. As a writer I think you’ve got to take advantage of momentum whenever you can. It’s just a matter of finding the time amongst the other things I’m supposed to be doing. (You know, those things that allow me to stay married just a little bit longer : ) .)

So, work to do today, before I get to some writing, hopefully, then to my daughter’s kindy to take along her birthday cake. Stop distractiong me.


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