Here are a lot of little short poems. The numbers may not be the same a I originally gave them (years ago when I was writing poetry), but it doesn’t really matter.

I (One)

Flight attendants striding
through airport lounges —
self important convoys with smiles
still undergoing pre-flight checks.

The Way I Feel

You say that we can not make love
because I’m not in love with you,
but I do feel a certain fondness
and some fondling would do.

V (Five)

I have never felt a hint
of God, but still I cast my hopes
and dreams at the sky to see
what the bait of my virtues can hook.

III (Three)

The Big Bang–
celestial sneeze.
bless you.

II (Two)

Death is silence,
silence death,
so have your say
while you have breath.

IV (Four)

It’s me that she wants to elude.
Like the movement of the ocean
she crashes on the beaches of my solitude
to withdraw with a beckoning motion.


2 thoughts on “Quatrains

    • I have absolutely no idea where the inspiration came from for any of my poems. It’s bad enough with novels but when it just about one image…

      And that was always the way it was with poetry. I’d write something when I had the idea and work on it for about 10 minutes. If I couldn’t get it right that quickly I was never going to get it right. I tried sitting down to think about some poems a couple of but it never worked.

      Actually, I know where the idea for the flight attendants one came from– but that’s pretty obvious, unlike most of the others.

      Glad you liked them. I’ll have to concentrate on writing some more. They are much quicker (though not easier) than 4 book sci-fi/fantasy series’.

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