Great Books, Great Movies

I love books and I love movies and I love them even more when they are the same thing. I’m not one of those people who get precious about a book not being translated accurately– I realise they are different things and need to be treated that way.

So, anyway, I just thought I’d do a list of great* books that have been made into great* movies.

About a Boy – Hugh Grant actually acts for once

Wonderboys- A book/movie about writers. What’s not to like.

Lord of the Rings- I may like the movies more than the books. maybe just because they’re quicker, if only just

Nobody’s Fool- A big chunk was cut for the movie but definitely kept the feel of the book.

Get Shorty- It’s the details with this one.

The Bourne Identity– the 2nd and 3rd movies don’t really resemble the books at all, but I still love them. And, seeing I read the books about 20 years ago I am willing to admit that I may not love them as much now as I did back then.

Sense and Sensibility- Who’d have thunk Emma Thompson would be such a good script writer?

The Remains of the Day- How to write a script where the best bits are left unsaid. Or maybe the credit should go to the actors, not the script.

Stardust- Both a lot of fun though, again, I think I may like the movie more.

To Kill A Mockingbird– and oldie but a goodie.

People always say don’t judge a book by the cover (which we do). I say, don’t judge a book by it’s movie (And the other way around) but treasure the ones where you love both.

I’m sure there are more I could add to this list but I can’t think of them at the moment. Feel free to add your own.

*Maybe not actually ‘great’ but ones I like nonetheless.


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