The Memory Jar

I bought a Memory Jar today.

I’m not sure where i first heard about one (let’s face it, it was probably on the internet somewhere) but I immediately loved the idea and have been looking around for something suitable ever since. When is a bit stupid, really. Like wanting to do the vacuuming but holding off because you don’t have the right colored carpet. Or something like that.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know what a Memory Jar is, it’s a jar in which you keep memories. Ha. No, seriously, what you do is, throughout the year, you write down things that happen, little events, whatever, and put the piece of paper in the jar. For instance, today Bayli and Noah both went completely under water (deliberately) for the first time today. So I wrote the date, wrote what happened and put it in the jar. My father also lost Noah for a while today. He and my sister were looking for him everywhere. But it turns out he was a bit tired, so he collected his blanket and pillow and laid down on the lounge for a sleep. So I wrote that down and put it in the jar. And Bayli has learned how to do somersaults (forward rolls) recently and decided she wanted to put that in the Memory Jar.

Then, on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day (or some other day if you want– I’m not sure if the rules are specific) you sit down with your jar and read all the memories. I think it’s a fabulous idea. I also added to the greatness by deciding we’ll buy a scrap book and as we read the memories we’ll stick them in the book so it becomes a diary.

I only wish I’d come up with this idea (or read about it– whatever) when I first met my wife, or when we got married, or years ago or… It’s something we can do as a family without the pressure of a ‘diary’ where you’re expected to write whole paragraphs and pages of stuff.



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