Amazon sold my ebook.

The first three books of Tribes of the Hakahei are now available on Amazon.

I had a one day give away of Part 1 and about 400 people downloaded. That was pretty good. But I have also sold 4 copies each of books 2 and 3, which was kind of the point of the give away. And of course, all of this has made me extra keen to finish A Different Kind of Heaven. (I assume peopel buying Singing Other Worlds and When the Time Comes would also have gotten ADKoH as well. So I was up until midnight last night writing (okay, the last /2 an hour may have involved the internet) and trying to get some momentum.

I have sorted one problem in regards to the latter. In the previous books when people were in the same area they were generally together. In thins one I have POV characters who interact but as part of separate story lines and it was doing my head in trying to keep it all sorted while writing the chapters as I had in the oterh books. So now I’m not writing whole chapters from one characters POV. I’m writing scenes in chronological order, even if that means I’ve only got 500 words from one character. It seems to be much easier at this stage but I’ll have to wait and see.

But I need to get it done. When it is finished I have another novel that is all but done. I should have it ready for amazon pretty quickly. And another I’m only missing 30k or so words. That shouldn’t take too long either (though I will have to offer that one to some traditional publishers first).

So, anyway, I should be writing. It can take me a while to gain some momentum and once I get it I don’t want to let it go.


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