Free Books

Okay, I exaggerated. There’s only one free book. But it’s a good one.

I now have The first 3 books of The Tribes of the Hakahei up on Amazon. They have wonderful covers and a very good story inside. But now I am trying to get people to notice them amidst all the other stuff.

So, I’ve signed up for the Kindle Select program. What that means is that you can get the 1st book, The Space Between, for free. Easy. Just follow the link below and you’re a couple of clicks away from owning the next big thing.

But you’d better get in quick. The deal only lasts for 24 hours at this stage. It will be free again soon.


2 thoughts on “Free Books

  1. Hi Scott, as a member of British Mensa and a reviewer of science fiction in all it’s forms for the sf special interest group here is the review I wrote for your first book in the series:
    ebook review: TRIBES OF THE HAKAHEI PART 1 – THE SPACE BETWEEN – Scott J. Robinson (Amazon $2.99, approximately £1.98)

    I had hoped to be giving you a link to download the first novel of four for free direct from Scott’s web site but he has now stopped doing that and the book is only available via Amazon now. Originally he gave away the first instalment and you could get the rest by donating. He has obviously found that Amazon makes the process more profitable although I was actually prepared to pay him more than Amazon will for each novel.

    Despite this, the first book would be a bargain even at the more common price point of between seven and ten pounds. He brings in a lot of things that interest me, Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, Anasazi, Area 51 and alien invaders. There are gates between the worlds originally settled by variations on humans and it eventually becomes clear that, in the past, all the races worked together. The whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

    The pace is good and Robinson has turned in a real page-turner. There is plenty of action, violence and a lot of character development as they come to terms with themselves, each other, and the situation they have been thrown into. I can’t say a particularly like the characters as they generally seem very selfish. However they are well fleshed out and are the sort of people I would not spend time with. There is some humour but it is contextual and would not be funny if paraphrased. By the time I was half way through the story I was ready to buy the next two stories. It seems the fourth book is not yet available but I am hoping that enough people buy the first three to encourage Robinson to finish the tetralogy. I will be reviewing Part 2 – Singing Other Worlds, and Part 3 – When Time Comes when I have read them. Part 4 – A Different Kind of Heaven is shown on the web site but was not available on Amazon when I bought the other two books. In case you have any doubts, I think Robinson is a brilliant and entertaining author. I highly recommend these books although you will need some kind of electronic reader to read them.

    I use a Kindle and both books downloaded very quickly from Amazon. This is the future of reading although I will still buy some books until we get an A4 (or bigger) colour reader for the kind of books I like to look at, rather than read.

    • Bill

      Thanks for the review. It’s great when anyone likes my work.

      The choice to go to Amazon was as much about exposure as anything else, and, I suppose. And the number of people downloading Part 1 (about 2000) compared to the number donating (barely double figures) led me to the conclusion that I didn’t have a lot to lose. I would have loved to be able to keep going with the donations but…

      If people still want to get the book through my website they certainly can. I’ll just need the ‘donation’ before they get book 1 now. And it will need to be at least $2.99 (or there abouts). And those who buy it through Amazon can certainly feel free to top up with a donation if they want 🙂 The people who donated originally all have the option of continuing with whatever donations they want.

      I always intended to make the books available on Amazon (though I actually did it a bit earlier than I was planning) but the giveaway allowed me to get a bit of exposure and some followers who were willing to review on amazon for me.

      As for book 4– it’s half finshed and I am starting to gain some momentum. I’ve set a deadline of about 2 months for it to be ready. When it is ready, I’ll be making book 1 available for free on amazon for a couple of days to try to draw people in.

      Thanks for your feed back and support. Both are rally appreciated– and hopefully your review gets me some more sales.


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