The Good Samaratin

It’s been a while since I last came here, but that’s not my fault. That is, I’m sure there’s a universe somewhere where it isn’t my fault.

Anyway, I came here today for two things. Firstly, I came to thank a stranger.

I’m a member of some forums relating to sci-fi and fantasy and some of the people on those forums have read The Space Between. Some of them like the book, which is nice. But one of them has taken the time to re-read The Space between, so he could find typos for me. He listed them. He sent them to me. And I have used his list to fix the book a little bit more and upload it to Amazon again.

So, I would like to thank Andy W from England. He isn’t getting anything for his efforts (nothing he wasn’t already getting, anyway) so the time he spent doing that is really appreciated. It feels great that people like my writing and great that someone would take the time to do this for me.

Right done. And the second thing I was coming here for was to post some photos. I’ve fallen behind with that already but what can I say. Here they are (though neither is great).

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