Well, after the kerfuffle with Amazon last month, or whenever it was, I’ve decided that the best thing to do it get The Space Between up there myself. So I have.

The Space Between is now available on Amazon for the amazingly low price of $2.99 (and the equivalent in other areas). I posted those covers the other day but changed them slightly again afterwards. I now have a sharper, stronger font that is much easier to read on thumbnail sized images.

And I already have one sale thanks to Russell Proctor, author of Days of Iron. Of course, I now have one more thing to take my mind away from writing. I’ve been going back there every five minutes to see if there are any more sales. There haven’t been. Wait, just let me check again… No, there haven’t been.

But hopefully it also give me incentive. If I see a few sales, I’ll be keen to get stuck into Part 4 which is moving forward at the moment, though not as fast as I would like. Sales will see all of that change.

When the Time Comes is all but done. You have seen the cover (though with the wrong font) and all I have to do is finish the formatting. Which I will also have to do for Singing Other Worlds now to upload to Amazon as well. That will hopefully be happening in a few weeks.

So much work, so little money. For now. I fully expect to be retiring in a couple of weeks though 🙂


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