The Good Thing About In-Laws

I’ve spent the last few days down in Brisbane at my In-Laws’ place. There are bad things about this (they are my in-laws after all 🙂 ) but there are also some positives.

Firstly, there are other people around to watch the kids. Actually that’s the main thing. it means I have more time to write.

I’ve been having trouble getting into the new writing groove but the last few days have helped. I’ve clarified a few story ideas and got things moving in a forward direction. I also got up early this morning to write which is always a good sign. I’m pretty sure I’ve said before that I write new stuff much better in the mornings. 5am was quiet and cool and I powered along until I heard a voice, “Is it day time?”

From Monday, my daughter is going to Kindergarten which some people might think will give me more time to write. But Noah will still be at home. Seeing he and Bayli play really well together (most of the time) they keep each other distracted and let me do other stuff. Now I’ll have to do the distracting.

So’ I’ll just have to keep getting up early and editing at night.

I have about 30k words of A Different Kind of Heaven and am getting close to the end of When the Time Comes.

It feels good to be writing new words again. That’s what I love about writing. Editing is a bit more like work.

*I should probably point out that I get along well with my In-Laws.


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