A Couple of Things

I finished the cover for Tribes of the Hakahei Part 3: When the Time Comes, today. No, that doesn’t mean the book is finished. It just means I was having a break from writing for a while.

And it makes me want to go back and change the cover of The Space Between. #2 and 3 match pretty well– just the ship and a coloured (textured) background– where #1 has a bit of a different layout.

The newer ones are probably better for ebooks in that they are a bit clearer but I’m not worried at this stage. It will be fixed before the great Amazon upload.

Unrelated to that, I was over at a blog that David B Coe frequents (met him at a con somewhere– think it might have been Brisbane– nice guy) and he talks about ambitions for writers. I think it might be a blog I visit again. Here’s the address http://www.magicalwords.net


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