I’ve decided to have a competition. I’ll be announcing this everywhere so I expect at least 5 entries.

Answer these questions 3… Well, there’s actually only one question and the answer can be found in The Space Between which is still available to download for the amazingly low price of FREE from here. As well as answering the question, you have to make some sort of comment– ie, don’t just put up the answer then walk away.

And the question is — What’s the name of the alien Kim rescues from Area 51?

The first person to answer gets book 2 and 3 for absolutely free as well. Normally these would only be available after a donation (anything over $2– hey, you know what, that’s still really cheap). I will also randomly choose another 3 entries to get the books as well.

The competition will close the day book 3 is made available. Which I expect to be on February 23. (Okay, I just picked that day at random but the book will definitely be right to go by the end of Feb.)

So, there you have it. Four chances to win Books 2 and 3 of the Tribes of the Hakahei series. Wow. That’s amazing.

Get reading and get answering.

Book 4, the final book, will be ready on May 34. (That date may have been randomly chosen as well. I don’t know for sure when it will be ready.)


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