I’ve Been Robbed

I sometimes go on the web to see if The Space Between has been mentioned anywhere. Okay, I do it all the time. And there generally isn’t anything new on there– other than the stuff I’ve done myself. (Vanity surfing isn’t a lot of fun when it’s only me saying nice things, but anyway.)

But on a recent surfing expedition I discovered…

The Space Between being sold on Amazon UK for 1.47 pounds. And on Amazon US for for $1.99.

And no, I didn’t know anything at all about any of this.

whoever has put it up there hasn’t tired to claim the book as their own– the cover is still the same with my name on it and everything. And the page inside still has all the information I put there. It has my website and email address and asks for donations and… which I’m pretty sure is actually against Amazon policies.

So, somebody is listing my book for sale and I’m not going to be getting any money out of it. I can’t imagine any people would actually buy it anyway. obviously not because of the story– that’s fabulous and all of that sort of thing– but because of the formatting.

When I did the book to put on my website I put it through Calibre a program which seems pretty good for the price (free). But the results weren’t great. So I got another program Sigil, (which is also free) and going backwards and forwards between the two of them I managed to get a nice clean epub version. Unfortunately, mobi wasn’t so good– and that’s one of the reasons I didn’t make a mobi version available.

But it seems the person who did the conversion to mobi wasn’t worry at all about the quality. It looks like they put it through something like Calibre without checking anything at all then shoved it up on the site. It’s really crappy.

So, not am I not getting any money from this (and I doubt the person who uploaded it is either) but it’s possible that anyone who looks at the book will avoid anything else with my name on it in the future. They may look at the first page, see the note where I’ve said the book is free on the website, and go there to get it, but seeing the first page is so hard to read it’s highly unlikely.

I don’t know what they were hoping to achieve but I don’t think anyone will get anything good out of the exercise at all. The book looks terrible and makes me look terrible.

It’s hard to get noticed at all when you self publish– now I may be getting noticed for all the wrong reasons.

So obviously I’ve sent emails and of course I’m waiting… I’ve had one reply telling me that my email has been forwarded and that I should probably have a response within 3 working days. That’s all so far.

Fingers crossed.

In the mean time, I’ll sit here and stew


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