Guess what I’ve been working on the last couple of days…

A cover. For Singing Other worlds… That’s right, Part 2 of Tribes of the Hakahei is almost ready for shipping. So if you want to be the first to get your copy make a donation via my website and it will be emailed to you post haste.

After it ‘s ready I’ll be starting to write Part 4. My wife is reading Part 3 (When the Time Comes) at the moment so as soon as she’s done with it I’ll be finishing it off as well. That should be a coupe of months, hopefully. Obviously since #4 (Different Kind of Heaven– which is a reference to a conversation made in Singing Other Worlds) has to be written completely (except for the first 2 and last 2 chapters) it will take a bit longer. But hopefully not too long.

Last friday we got back from a week of camping at Copeton Dam. It was pretty good. The kids loved it, even though it rained for about 3 days. There were thousands of Kangaroos, lots of rocks o climb, boat rides, splash parks, normal parks, ice creams. They had a ball. Our dog had a ball as well. When we pulled up and saw all the roos we were a bit worried she’d have to spend the whole time chained up but she restrained herself admirable until the last day or so.

I was a bit disappointed that the BIG slippery dip I used to go on as a kid was no longer there. When I was a kid (used to go to Copeton all the time) that was the ting I most looked forward to. The stairs and the bridge up on top of the boulders are still there, but that all. And I was surprised when I got there, because it was still big (or would have been if it was still there). When you go back to things like that after years without seeing them they usually disappoint. You know, the BIG slippery dip was actually only about 3 metres high and 5 long. This would have been double that in reality, which surprised me. But it wasn’t there. Oh well. That will teach me to tell my kids about stuff before I actually know that it’s there. They are increasing the height of the dam wall so a lot of the play areas I went to as a kid are gone, which was disappointing as well. All that’s left is a few small play areas with standard, modern equipment. Used to be big, rough-looking wooden things. Oh well, again.

Well, off to finish formatting books.


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