So Many Hits, So Little Writing

I’m about 2/3 of the way through the final read through of Singing Other Worlds. Unfortunately I’ve still got to go back through it and make the changes to the manuscript after that. I was telling some people it would be ready to go by the end of October. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to be happening now. TAFE (College of Technical and Further Education for those outside Australia) has gotten the better of me and put me back a bit. Oh well. The course is nearly over now, one way or the other.

And now for the good news. The Space Between has now been downloaded about 930 times this month. That’s pretty good. Okay, it’s pretty amazing. But still not a lot in the way of donations. Damn. And I was expecting to get rich from this.

My daughter, Tink, is 3 1/2 and likes to talk. She’ll talk all day. And I love my daughter but just sometimes some silence is nice. Especially in a car where you can’t really get away from the questions and the talking.

Today we cam to my inlaw’s place, an hour and a half drive from home and after about 1/2 an hour of the talking I asked Tink if she cold just give us a rest and stop talking for five minutes.

Silence. For ten seconds.
Then, “How long is five minutes?”


I tried to explain then said again, quiet for five minutes please. And silence. For then seconds.

“Will you tell me when I can talk again?”

Argh. I love my daughter but arghhhh.


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