Lift Off

A few days ago I listed The Space Between with and it’s been fabulous. I’ve been advertising my website (ie bugging people about it) since mid May and since then I’ve averaged about 100 unique hits each month. I thought that was pretty good, all things considered.

But since the start of October, that’s a couple of days ago, I’ve had almost 500 unique visitors. Most of those have come via the GetFreeEBooks link but there have been over 200 from other sources as well. It seems that people have discovered the story on the first site and are putting it up on other sites as well. And about 320 people have downloaded the story. Wow. And, even stranger… I have put up a flyer for putting on notice boards. One of those ones with the little tags for tearing off with contact details. Well, 45 people have downloaded that as well. I’m not sure if that’s just an accident or not, but it’s still interesting. And hopefully, in a few days, they’ll come back to donate.I’ve already had one donation come in because of it.

So, anyway, hi to everyone who is now visiting my site. Though I don’t think a lot are stopping by to look at the blog. Oh well, not really going to complain about that. But for those who do, remember, comments are nice as well.

I’m still reading my way through Singing Other Worlds with a lovely red pen. I’ve been making lots of little changes, but nothing major, which is nice.

But for now, domestic duties much take over. And some TAFE work. Then back into it tonight.


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