As of a couple of days ago I had 500 unique visitors to my site. I think that’s a pretty good effort, really, considering I’m not Sean Williams or someone similar. And there may be about 200 downloads of my story. That’s a little bit harder to tell because it depends which site tracking type service I look at. Either way it still isn’t bad. The lack of comments is still a bit disappointing but hopefully people are still reading and will drop by and say something soon.

On the writing front, Kel has finished reading Singing Other Worlds for me and I’ve started on my own read through. I’ve made a lot of little changes so far. Nothing to do with plot or anything, just on a word level, making one of the characters seem a bit less educated than he does at the moment. I will be needing to add some extra chapters as well, though probably only two or three which shouldn’t take too long.

The two reviews and a couple of other comments have me very keen at the moment. Which is a bit funny. Jack Dann gave me that quote “… a serious talent.” and I realise that made me feel great at the time but didn’t get me writing anything extra that I can remember.

But I’m writing now (or at least editing), full steam ahead and enjoying it immensely. And I’m enjoying the idea of putting it out there for strangers to read.


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