Review No. 2

There is now another review of The Space Between available on the net. And it’s a good review. Go here to check it out.

So finally, hopefully, the word is starting to spread. As far as I can tell, people are still downloading the story but nobody is making any comments. I actually have more donations than I do comments. Which obviously isn’t a completely bad thing. It would just be a lot better if I had a hundred comments.

Of course, positive reviews have a lot of advantages. The main one is that, hopefully, people will read the book. Another advantage is it makes me feel good and gets me keen to write.

I’m working on ‘Shadow of the Dragon’ at the moment. It’s a story set in the Ananake multiverse– possible on one of the Hakahei worlds– but other than that is unrelated to ‘The Space Between’.


‘Singing Other Worlds’ has now become 2 books– SOW and, at this stage ‘When the Time Comes’. I’m not sure what I think of that title. I’ll wear it around for a while and see how it fits. My wife has finished the new book 2 with her comments so I’ll be back to work on that in a couple of weeks, probably, getting it ready for those who have donated.

The review has certainly spurred me on.

In unrelated news, the cricket season started on Saturday. My skill is questionable but I made a quick-fire, chanceless 28 opening the batting so I’m off to a good start. Of course, that sets a precedence that I might find hard to live up to. Oh well. The team is doing well also and we are heading towards a first innings victory.


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