My First Review

Sean over at has given to the world the first review of The Space Between. Did he gush about the book? Not quite. Did he say it was terrible? Not even close.

There were bits he liked and bits he didn’t like but overall he said it was worth the money. No, he didn’t say that (the book is free, after all) but he did say… “I think this one is worth a look, if you are interested in something a little different than straight fantasy or Sci-Fi – a solid start.”

Go and read the full review then go and download the book. Or better still, just go and download the book and decide for yourself. All I can say it that I’m glad someone else is starting to help spread the word.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on ‘Shadow of the Dragon’ while my wife reads ‘Singing Other Worlds’. A soon as she’s done (a couple of weeks, probably) I’ll give it a run through myself (another couple of weeks) and it will be ready to go. Where it goes is yet to be seen.


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