The other day I remembered the origins of The Tribes of the Hakahei and it’s really funny to see how far it has come.

I think I must have been a teenager when I first started thinking about it. At the time is was a quest fantasy with a prophecy. It did have six main characters from six different races but back then they were based on the ‘elelements’. Earth, wind, water, fire, steel and wood. Yes, I know some of those aren’t elements but I had lots of races I wanted to include so shut up and let me tell you about the story.

The prologue shows a couple of historians finding the prophecy and deciding they can manipulate it to get it going just when they need it. The two of them were in a tavern discussing which person from each race they are going to shanghai into the party. But in the tavern around them, the six real members of the party are watching– not that I mentioned that fact. And the last line of the prologue was something like, “But that wasn’t how it started at all,” and I would then go back in time to show how all six of the main characters got there.

The party assembled by the historians were going to be involved as well (that’s 12 main characters– how stupid was I?), getting in the way and making things difficult.

It was going to be very complicated and very long– just getting all the characters together was probably going to take a whole book.

I can’t tell you much more about the original story because I’ve always been a ‘pantser’ so I never really had more than what I have described. Though I do remember spending weeks working on a prophecy. It was terrible.

Hopefully Tribes of the Hakahei is a bit better than the original version was going to turn out.

I’m still not getting any feedback so it’s a bit hard for me to know anything at all. Hopefully a review will be coming along soon– as long as Sean over at can make it all the way though. Although I suppose he can write a review even if he can’t finish it.


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