It is Done

Well, not done done but I’ve completed another draft of Singing other worlds. It has come out at 206k words. Long. Very long. So now I give it to one of my readers to see what she thinks, then give it another run through. Hopefully that final run through won’t be too much work, but of course that depends on what the reader say.

I may have said it somewhere before, but my first drafts are generally pretty complete. If it needs changes I will go back while I’m doing the first draft to do the changing so by the time I reach the end the story is in it’s final form. The following drafts are really about tidying up what I have and layering and taking away the rough bits while, at the same time, adding some texture. (Rough bits and texture are completely different despite what dictionaries might tell you.)

While my reader is doing her job I will mainly be doing TAFE work– trying to make sure I don’t let it all build up this semester– but I will also be working on Shadow of the Dragon. That one is a fairly standard fantasy with divorced Vet, dragons and a dog named Yo. My wife like the 30k or so words that I have– though she did make some suggestions about the time line– and wants me to hurry up and finish it.

It feels good to be done with SOW for now though. And it will be nice to get back to Shadow of the Dragon.

I’ve received another donation. Which is fabulous. Every little bit counts and is really appreciated. Most people can afford a couple of dollars for a book, so if you download The Space Between and  enjoy it, just remember that without donations there will not be book 2.


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