Writing Time

Hopefully tomorrow will be my last day of TAFE– it just depends on getting enough time to complete my hand-ins. And then… writing.

It’s been a while since I did any so it may take me a while to get into the swing again but I’m feeling good just thinking about it. I normally write faster in the mornings, but I think it’s too cold (and dark) to get up early at the moment so that probably won’t be an option. Looking after the kids a couple of days a week won’t help with that either. Bayli and Noah are pretty easy going as far as kids go, but they’re 3yrs and 19 months so easy going for them can still be a bit of work.

There’s also a couple of other things I’ll be doing (apart from the usual washing of clothes and usual things around the house) but thankfully most of the writing is done with ‘Singing Other Worlds’. Most of the work will come from the fact that I took two characters out of ‘The Space Between’ to put in ‘SOW’. So now all the characters are obviously meeting a bit later and those things have to be adjusted.

The story is much better for the changing, though one of the characters postponed is my favourite so I missed having him in ‘TSB’.

But, still one more day of TAFE. And then the in-laws place this weekend. Hopefully the laptop can get a work out but I’m guessing it won’t be overheating.


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