The numbers are slowly building. Which means I feel obliged to get ‘Singing Other Worlds’ ready to meet the world. The semester break for TAFE starts in a couple of weeks and I think I have about a month off so, all going to plan, I can have the novel polished and ready to go in about 6 weeks.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be putting it up straight away. What it means is that it will be ready to go when I get enough feed back and donations. And if that doesn’t happen, I might just send it out to those who have donated. (I’d hate to leave them disappointed when they’ve made the effort).

I’ve been flat out with assignments lately (well, for a few months) so haven’t had much chance to do any writing at all. But I am really keen to get back into it. I have another novel about half done that my wife loves. She keeps bugging me to write that. I have the first draft of a short story (I don’t write many) that I’d like to make presentable, so there’s lots to do.

Hopefully I can be a bit more organised with my assignments next semester and leave myself more room for writing.


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