It’s Done

The Space Between was put up on my website ( a few days ago. It hasn’t quite gone viral yet, but it’s getting some hits and some downloads. It’s a good story (the quote from Jack Dann is a real one) so I’m glad it’s finally out there.

I did have a few different formats but it has pretty much been whittled down to doc and pdf now pending more tests. I couldn’t get epub to work properly despite a lot of effort. I’ll continue working on it. I’d also like to do Mobi, but my computer seems to be having issues with larger programs at the moment. Doc and PDF should get most people out of trouble though.

I’m studying a fairly hectic course at TAFE at the moment but I have a break in a couple of weeks so I should be able to get Book 2 ready to go then.

Now, if I can just spread the word…


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